with Iberian flavor

The biggest company
of the Iberian sector
in Extremadura

Mafresa, el Ibérico de Confianza, SL, has believed since its inception in the enormous potential offered by Extremadura, a land of cattle breeders and farmers, which has always returned the care and attachment with which artisans treat both our land and its fruits.
Mafresa was founded in 1993 with several goals in mind

We longed to be the driving force behind the economic development of the region, maintaining all the processes in-house; we also sought to increase the visibility of the articles offered by our surrounding and, of course, we wished to be ambassadors all over the world for the best and most varied range of our land's star product, the Iberian Pig.

Over a quarter of a century later, we are part of one of the largest meat groups in Spain, Grupo Jorge, and still we keep working on a daily basis with just the same goals settled, constantly bringing ourselves up to date to the most advanced techniques and following all the protocols to guarantee the Quality and Safety along the whole service, but without ever forgetting our artisan roots. And we achieve it.